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Although there is no physical place where I paint and think - a designated place I mean, because I do it wherever I happen to be - I think it was necessary to give a physical definition, especially in this digital and intangible era. 

That's why I thought of naming it after a physical place. It could have been "atelier" but that would have been too pretentious and then "studio" is just fine. It's a place where I draw and paint - even if it's digital, it doesn't make much difference anymore - and where I exhibit and sell prints.

All works are collected in themed collections, a bit like a tailor's atelier, and are available in different sizes, generally from A3 up to larger formats, even over a meter on one side.
The print is particularly accurate and is made in London by Printspace on one of the best Giclée printing papers, Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308.

Each work is described from a technical point of view but is almost always introduced by a text that is a reflection or a small story not necessarily related to the work itself. I like to imagine these textual appendices as another image attached to that of the work, only it is described in words and not painted.

The collections are updated periodically and the historical ones are still reachable and purchasable, even if they are not on the home page, which is deliberately more free and light.


A beautiful thing

In imagining this studio, I thought from the beginning that those who visited it would be able to see the paintings on display in a domestic setting and for this reason each one is also set (within individual pages). The choice of what to hang on the walls says a lot about who lives in a house and is a very intimate choice that denotes a particular personal taste.
It is important to me that these works are felt in a personal way by those who purchase them for themselves or to donate them.
They communicate a vision of life and therefore a distinct aesthetic choice.


What's behind each work

I've always liked to understand what motivated an artist to create a work of art, what techniques stimulated him and who inspired him. For this reason, the studio also houses a journal That speaks about art or how some compositions came about. These are short writings that can spark a discussion or take away some curiosity, as well as describe how I do what I do.


Come in ogni studio o atelier o galleria, anche in questo – pur virtuale – valgono l’accoglienza, l’ospitalità e la curiosità con cui si può discutere di ogni argomento. Per farlo c’è un canale diretto (la chat in basso a destra nella pagina) e la newsletter con la quale si può essere aggiornati sulle novità e le vendite speciali, gli sconti e altro.
Get comfortable and take a look.

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