Beauty is one of the most overused and least understood words. It is also something very personal and intimate. I could say that my works represent my idea of beauty: balance obtained in chaos or balancing different elements, simplicity, primitive forms.
Perhaps beauty is a return to the most important things: defined forms, comprehensible things, the sensations of childhood.

I only work in digital, using ink, oil and watercolors. Sometimes I also work with vectorial graphics using Apple Keynote and its geometric library (not joking) because I want to push myself to get the best I can with a very limited set of tools, not even designed with this level of graphic in mind.

Most of my ideas come from lateral thinking: many were born in my mind while I was doing something else, rarely I sit down at my desk thinking "Oh, I should paint."
At a certain unpredictable moment a mental image that’s bouncing in my head needs to get out.

My source of inspiration are images that I see absent minded, many times visualizations that I envision while meditating, oftentimes themes around which I draw entire collections, like the aforementioned ikebanas, stones, cracks in the asphalt that I see when I’m out running: it’s astonishing how they look and are unintentionally contemporary art. My take is to notice and translate them on paper. I see things and then I reprocess them.

I use words, images, signs as languages - architectural, photographic, artistic or literary - to communicate.

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