Collection: Cells

Months after I made these drawings I was walking down the street and I noticed a frieze on a building. I've seen it a thousand million times without ever having seen it really well.

It looked kinda familiar and after a while I realized why: it looked like things I had drawn some time before. It was not identical and comparing them you would notice more differences than similarities and yet there was something common between them.

I suddenly realized that maybe my eyes had noticed that frieze and my memory had recorded it. Unconsciously, just as unconsciously those forms returned to the surface of my memory years later, without the origin being remembered. It was somewhere in my mind. It resurfaced then and after some time the circle was closed.

The name "Cells" refers both to the shape of the elements that compose them and to the memory of the cells. A code of theirs that may not be visible but that's there, and sometimes it resurfaces again.